Chic Essentials- Aurora Kettle by Breville.

When it comes to everyday essentials, theres not much more essential to many, than a good cup of tea. On average, we know in the Biscuit household we make tea at least a few times daily, thus rendering the kettle nearly top of the most useful items we own. So why compromise on style with something so necessary?

We were delighted to showcase the new Aurora kettle by Breville, with its elegant design, and almost retro hints, and couldn't wait to get the cuppas flowing to test out its usability.

We chose the stylish cream version, because whilst we love the funky black and red versions, this just complimented our decor at the moment, and I expect like with the rest of the collection, the almost matt like sheen is so chic, it just blends effortlessly into your kitchen environment.

The illumination when on, makes a hint of a modern statement with a cool-blue light effect, and with regard to the base, the 360-degree swivel design allows for ease of use, with no frustrated attempts at trying to connect the kettle to make it work.

With a capacity of 1.5litres, its an approximate 6-cup kettle (more if you wish to use a fancy vintage tea-cup set, and why not when you have such stylish appliances to match), it's light-weight, and simple with no awkward handles. The only thing we did note, was re-filling it straight after use might be difficult, as the stainless steel design (in particular the lid) gets quite hot, however the fast time for tea-production from tap to mug is very efficient.

It's definitely an investment kettle for at around £49.99, but it is a quality appliance we imagine will be used for years with it's timeless style and efficiency.

Available now at many high-street locations including Debenhams and Littlewoods.

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