Featured Artist- My Dog Sighs.

Luxury lifestyle could mean many different things to different people. Here at Whim Biscuit we hope we resonate the feeling that it certainly doesn’t mean you have to be the most affluent people, and that it doesn’t mean you must have all the latest styles and trends and trinkets. To us it means filling your heart and home with richness in the ways of kindness, hope, and things of good value.
We review spaces, and places, and objects in a fair and un-biased way, and we never work in association with, are sponsored by, or advertise things that we don’t personally feel will provide our readers with quality and useful-ness.

Something Mr Biscuit and I love to enrich our homes with is art. Art can brighten the glummest of days, and lift the most basic of houses. It is this brightening and anti-glum effect that is an example of something that adds luxury to your lifestyle, even if’s home-made (actually, especially if it’s home-made).

We are lucky enough here in the South-East of England, to enjoy a fantastic arts and crafts scene and culture. There is a distinct community and passion, that is encapsulated in particular by a certain artist that is a favourite of ours- My Dog Sighs.

For ten years My Dog Sighs has literally given away his work as part of the Free Art Friday project. A project he founded, leaving art scattered around cities so people can find and cherish them, now inspiring artists from around four continents to do the same. In recent times, he has gained a well deserved loyal following, and indeed has sold-out five shows. We admire his variance in styles, from the much-coveted can-people and deep meaning full eye-paintings, to the minimalist hug-men.

The cans in particular, produced from a desire to work alongside the urban landscape, to re-purpose materials that are rejected, provide a narrative through his imparting a personality and story into the remaining tin. Their characters all call out for a new home with their often wistful expressions, all painted with such care and precision.

For years now, Mr Biscuit and I have studied hints on his Free Art Friday page, often talking time in the evenings after work to try and search for these lost and whimsical souls. We haven’t had the pleasure to meet any so far, but it’s the journey that counts and the enjoyment through the adventure it brings.

 After all, there will always be a cozy space on our shelves for a lonely can-man, he just hasn’t found us yet, that’s all.

Pics from www.mydogsighs.co.uk/