An Eco-Pan by Ozeri with non-stick-ability.

We were delighted to be asked to review some of the newest technology in cook-ware, especially a pan that is not only stylish in a modern green, but also immensely practical with a new unique ceramic based non stick surface. Mr Biscuit got excited by 'the science' of it all, as it boasts that it has no harmful toxins/fumes that some research has highlighted as a potential no-no from traditional non-stick surfaces. It's wow list continues with claims of being eco-friendly, durable, super-scratch-resistant, and being made from a high quality anodized-aluminum combined with a magnetized-bottom for induction stoves.

So we've had this delight for a month now, and we just adore it. It literally is our go-to-pan for everything from a fried-egg, to a quick stir-fry. Everything glides across the surface with ease, the Bakelite handle ensures that theres no ouch moments either, and the great thing about it is....oh who are we kidding....there are multiple great things- mostly that you don't even have to use any oil to make it non-stick, and that its just a dream to clean.
You can purchase this design in multiple sizes and shapes, and is especially easy to order via Go with haste though, before everyone get's them with their very modest price.