Cordless easy cleaning with Vax Life Vacuum.

The Mrs and I have just moved house, a process that we hate the fuss and bother of, and is universally noted by many as being up there in a list of things that can be totally annoying. Especially when it comes to that 'final house clean' and you find all those spare socks under the sofa that your cat has dragged there like months ago. Not only that, my ancient henry hoover was just not on it's best form, and whilst the old house was all wood floors, the new is fully carpeted. So, with this in mind, and a new fluffy addition to the Biscuit household (blog post coming soon!), a good vacuum is exactly what we needed.

Now I am definitely the gadget obsessive in the house, and I love anything with some technical wizardry, so when we were asked to review the latest in cleaning technology, the cordless Vax Life Vacuum, I couldn't wait to try it out- and Mrs Biscuit was thrilled I was this excited about cleaning.

Lightweight, and unplugged, this upright vac is neat and much more streamline than what you would expect. It uses wind tunnel technology, and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, as well as a super easy to empty bag-less system, to help make everything as convenient as possible. For the sensible among us, who wonder and muse about warranties and the like, this comes with a superb x6 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

The first thing we noticed with this vacuum, was how light and easy to manoeuvre it was. The base glides and turns effortlessly, although we wish there was a release switch or something that unchecked it from upright position, to moving. You kinda have to push it with your foot to get it to click back, and as soon as you tilt it slightly upwards it can lock back upright again.

It's chargeable battery is so easy to remove, charge, and simply fit on again, similar to the way the dirt container just clicks on and off to empty. Theres no changing plug sockets as you go room to room, and no worry about effectiveness as you go from carpet to hard-floor surfaces. There are x2 settings to adjust this which change with the flick of a switch, allowing you to move from kitchen tiles, to even the heaviest pile rug. We loved how great it was at getting tufts of cat hair off the carpet, but it is such a shame that it does not have a tube extension, or handheld attachment, as it's kinda difficult to do any furniture, fixtures, or fittings.

The battery is supposed to last for up to x20 minutes, or enough to do a complete sweep around of a house, yet in reality we reason it lasts up to x15 minutes on the carpet setting max. We almost do the house in sections now, and recharge to take it upstairs later (so light going up the stairs- would be great for the elderly or those who struggle lifting perhaps). A solution perhaps is to purchase another battery, which we've heard a few of Vax cordless owners are already doing.

All in all, it's just the perfect vacuum for those who have a flat, have no storage and still wish for an upright vacuum, or those who hate lugging heavy appliances. Thus as noted before, ideal for older people who don't wish to bend down to change the plug all the time, and maybe students. It's only real let down is the lack of handheld/tube attachments, as you can't get into the nooks and crannies that gather dust that easily, or skirting boards etc, so we'll be keeping another vacuum just for that.

Keep checking the Vax site for deals and special offers. At time of sending to us it came with a free steam cleaner, and at other times we've heard it can be reduced every now and then. With consistent free delivery, it's just a really great product, with a really innovative design. Thumbs up.