Dyson Cordless DC59 Review.

Ok, so I might have whinged about moving house in my previous cordless hoover review, but 2015 is the year of the vacuum. Like seriously.

Since having carpets when you have cats is the most ludicrous floor choice, it is all I can do to take my place in the house as resident dust remover, trying out a myriad of gadgets. The Mrs and I have a house-work agreement. I do the washing-up, she does the laundry, and we take it in turns to hoover.

Yet i'll tell you something, with this cordless delight, it certainly makes chores a tad easier. 

The Dyson cordless DC59 model comes in a variety of models, of which our choice, is the obvious animal edition. It boasts many features, including an impressive dual layer dust capturing system, a selection of add-ons like upholstery and stair attachments, a power-boost button, and a really simple to empty bin.

We fixed the hoover with it's own charging station to a wall, admired the, design,  lightness and ability to lie basically flat and get under most cupboards, and waited for it to fully charge.

So our interiors, as mentioned before, are mostly carpeted, and we have some hard floors/lino in the kitchen and bathroom. The vacuum runs when you hold the button down in the handle, which is useful because it saves battery-power when you don't need it, but can also be quite tiring if you are holding it for a full house-clean.

The boost function works tremendously for carpets, it makes pushing it along slightly tougher, but the sheer amount that gets vacuumed up into the bin is ridiculous, by far more than our other more conventional corded vacuum. So as the bin is so compact, you kind of have to empty this a lot. More or less room by room. The other downside to this mode, is that it drains the charge ferociously, in about twenty minutes max. 
The boost is needed much less on hard/solid floorings. Indeed, perhaps it works less efficiently than the normal gliding function. On normal mode, it is really easy to clean in all the corners of a kitchen or behind a bathroom unit. Changing the attachments now and then, for the stairs, or curtain rails. We noticed that the filter simply falls out if you tilt the vacuum upside down, which is oddly disconcerting, but in normal use does not seem to be an issue. It does need regular cleaning however, and dismantling it is very easy. With it's sleek design and clear bin- meaning that dirt is visible- surely it would be weird to clean with something that is not clean itself. 

It's great having a cordless vacuum for cleaning things like your car, and it really is very simple and easy to use. It has completely made the need for any other hoover redundant in our house, and we like how it converts from an upright to a handheld with the click of a button.

The Dyson DC59 range is available at many high-street shops, but can be ordered online via www.dyson.co.uk/ with next day delivery.

Pics courtesy of the www.dyson.co.uk site.