Digital bathroom scales with a difference.

My first impressions of the Ozeri WeightMaster II, reflected it's modern yet pleasing design, however the myriad of additional functions it had aside from actually just weighing you, at first, put me off. Ever technologically challenged, I asked Mr Biscuit to assist, and after a good read of the instructions, I was pleased to understand the excellent functionality of the machine and was eager to set it up for us both, especially if they work well alongside our health regime. 

It was indeed, quite easy to set up, and what makes them unique is the fact that they are designed so that up to x8 individuals can use their pre-set programmes.This means you simply put your height and weight in, and then it guides you through everything. Once started, with your initial weight, it will from then on, light up red or green depending on a gain or loss. It's actually quite motivational, trying to constantly keep in the green if you are trying to loose the pounds.

It has an added extra of an anti-bacterial surface, helping you maintain your home's cleanliness, and keeping the freshness of the design colour you choose, so that it blends into your interior decor.

There are unfortunately a few negatives to these bathroom scales. As a personal preference I would have liked a stone option, rather than just kilograms and pounds, and secondly, we just cannot seem to get an accurate reading in our house. It does state that a hard, flat surface is required, and apparently, according to the drastic variation of up to 20lbs that weighing ourselves from a side of the kitchen to the other shows, our floorboards must really not be level. Or if you use it on carpet or vinyl flooring, it doesn't settle and no reading is made.

All in all, some fab helpful technology here, but only useful if you perhaps have a tiled floor.

The Ozeri Weightmaster II is available here on Amazon.
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