Where to stay in Dubrovnik part-1 - Hotel Bellevue.

This is the first of our Dubrovnik hotel reviews, as we were fortunate to stay in a number of venues under the fabulous Luxury Adriatic Hotel group while we were there, so that we might best highlight the variety, and excellent accommodation that is on offer. 

Hotel Bellevue is situated literally on a cliff leaning over a bay, quite near to Old Town. It is a great location, mere minutes from the hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions by bus or taxi, yet the ambience and its positioning, makes it seem to be a quaint exclusive resort, or a more substantial boutique hotel. With 91 rooms, it is not a towering presence, but what it lacks in size, is made up for in amenities. It is one of a few hotels lucky enough to have a proper private beach. By that I mean that the coast line of Dubrovnik is mostly large rocks, and thus many other venue's private beaches are areas of rocks with steps lowering into the turquoise depths, rather than sand for example. 

We had checked in early, and rushed off to get some more attractions in over the morning, and we were delighted to find that our suite was prepared for us, and we didn't have to just leave our luggage by the desk. The reception staff were very friendly and polite, and when we finally did explore our rooms, and discovered the air conditioning to be broken, they sent a caretaker up within minutes to make it work. Every room has views over the bay, and is decorated in cooling creams and browns, scattered with eclectic artwork. Our balcony was a welcome relaxation break for the day after some hectic sightseeing, and we peered out over the the beach, and watched locals dive from the neighbouring cliffs. We stayed in an executive suite, which was compact for a suit, but reflective of the size of the hotel in general. It was however, well arranged with a lounge separate to the bedroom, and bathroom furnished with an in-bath shower. All of the Luxury Adriatic Hotel group seem to provide lovely L'Occitane toiletries, which I adored, Hotel Bellevue, offers a turn-down service, 24hr room service, mini-bar, and safe. The only thing missing, which really isn't an issue when you are on holiday, was a TV in the bedroom, but there was a TV in the lounge.

We were thrilled to have a treatment booked in the Energy Clinic spa, which is located in the wellness centre of the hotel, and we felt comfortable casually strolling along the corridors in cover-ups over our swim wear. Hotel guests are invited to use the indoor pool, jacuzzi and fitness studio for free, and we loved this idea for after the sun had set. Our treatment was a couples full body massage, which was a treat as in many spas, you and your partner have to go into separate rooms, so this is ideal for romantic breaks where you wish to enjoy as much time as you can together on holiday. We were welcomed by a couple of very friendly staff, who took us to the soothingly decorated spa room, and discussed our massage, before leaving us to get ready. It is sometimes difficult to review massages, as they tend to be a time of ultimate relaxation, a time when you can just switch off. Indeed, if you find yourself thinking about work and writing when at a spa, then really that is testament to how effective it is. About half way through, Mr Biscuit more or less voiced his opinion of the treatment, when I heard some quiet snoring from his side of the room, and I also started to feel any knots of tension fade away. Afterwards, in the fading sunset, we took in the horizon from the sand and pebble beach. The views are quite lovely, but there did seem to be a problem with rubbish floating in the sea. There were vast stretches simply filled with junk, all floating towards the shore, something we can only assume is due to the tides coming into the bay, and not really reflective of the hotel's cleaniness. By the morning, when we went for an early pre-breakfast swim, it was bright, clean, and clear again. 

Later that evening, we chose not to dine in any of the x3 hotel restaurants, and chose instead to book into a local place we'd heard great things about on trip advisor. The 'Taj Mahal' is not, what you would assume it to be- an Indian cafe perhaps? But instead is a venue specialising in Bosnian cuisine. It is located literally moments away from the hotel, with another popular branch being in the centre of Old Town. 

Breakfast includes continental and cooked options. There are some lovely additions like smoked salmon, and baked breads and muffins, but get there early to avoid missing out on most of the spread.

Hotel Bellevue, has the vibe of a venue suited to perhaps a demographic of young professionals, or families who still want a luxury vacation, with the amenities of a resort, but without the crowds or noise. The addition of the private beach means the water is shallower for a more nervous swimmer, as you'll find with other hotels, whilst the sea is still lovely, literally jumping in from rocks or a patio into deep water can be daunting to some. It is in an idillic location, and the service is very efficient and professional indeed.

You can find out more about the hotel, and make reservations here.

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