Where to eat in Dubrovnik.

When enjoying a holiday in Dubrovnik, you of course wish to experience the delights of their local cuisine. These were our top choices from our visit of the restaurants we were invited to, and we hope you enjoy them too!
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Ideal for lunch when exploring the Old City- Restaurant Kopun.

In the heart of Old Town, up the Croatian equivalent of the Spanish Steps, is a rustic square that homes the St Ignatius Church, and a few choice places to dine. One of which, is Restaurant Kopun, with its canopies and umbrellas shading a large outside eating area, adjacent to a quaint, traditional building. It prides itself on its commitment to local delicacies. Croatia, they say, was the meeting point of many civilisations and cultures, and as such, historical influences have created a very diverse cuisine. Restaurant Kopun seemed very reasonable from the menu, and we ordered a very pleasant wine spritzer, and local beer, both of which were chilled and refreshing whilst we perused the menu. We read about the ‘Kopun’ chicken, which is actually a rooster, and highly recommended, yet none the less, we both opted for the light lobster salad, something that was lovely and fresh in the humidity, and very tasty indeed. The salad was seasoned well, and scattered with avocado, and we glanced at fellow diners choices too which seemed equally well presented.

From a scan of the typical eateries in Dubrovnik, you will see common themes to many of the dishes. The most popular food is seafood- particularly oysters, octopus, sea bass, and lobster. Yet veal and beef are featured heavily in main meals. Black risotto, coloured with squid ink is a speciality, as is a form of calamari. You tend to find, like most heavy tourist areas, that the Old Town is more expensive to eat in, than that of places outside.
We were told before that the oysters from Croatia are some of the best in the world, and even if you haven’t liked oysters before, to try them there before you completely decide- so they were next on our list! We were lucky enough to be accompanied by a local, who told us of how they were very fresh, and from a town very near by. She showed us how they are best served-  simply, and with a dash of lemon, then try not to chew. They were actually wonderful! We rounded up the meal with a superb chocolate fondant pudding, which were melt in the middle perfect, and worked perfectly with the scoop of ice cream they came with. 
Rated well on Trip Advisor, this is an ideal spot to relax after a hectic day sightseeing in the cultural centre of town.
A two course meal for two with a drink each, would on average cost around 500HRK/ £50.

The perfect romantic dinner- Maslina Tavern at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

In this luxury x5 star hotel, you will find a few restaurants to choose from, yet one very beautiful clear evening, Mr Biscuit and I were fortunate enough to dine in their traditional style, water-side restaurant. The menu pays homage to Dalmatian cuisine, with distinct Mediterranean flavours, accompanied by a spectacular view, and a comforting sea breeze.  The décor is relaxed yet modern, with hints of fisherman culture. The staff are welcoming and friendly,and we started our evening with a light and fruity sparkling wine aperitif, and pondered over our meal choices. There was a wonderful trio of musicians, serenading us with soft lounge music, and we chatter with the waiter, who helps us with a difficult choice between beef and lamb for our main.
Starting with a scallops gratinated with grana padano, I revelled in the delicate tones of this carefully cooked seafood, served beautifully on a few classic shells, whilst Mr Biscuit exclaimed over his superb smoked ham wrapped black tiger shrimp- but I feel I had the best option for once! We choose a smooth yet slightly oaky local chardonnay to accompany our choice of meal, and take in the soothing ambiance, and warm night air.
Our mains arrive, and we are glad that the knowledgable waiter persuaded us to opt for the tenderloin of beef. It is cooked to perfection, even with each of us preferring almost opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to serving steak, and the truffle sauce is exemplary. We request a break before deciding on dessert, because the food has been so good we’ve literally eaten every scrap, including the delicious home-baked bread, and quite frankly, we need a rest.
Not wishing to be disappointed and miss out, where we would have usually retired, we sample the baileys cheesecake, and we are certainly not disappointed. The balance of flavours, even with this strength of the liqueur, is so good mixed in with the smooth, thick cream texture.
The Maslina Tavern can be found inside Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, in Lapad, Dubrovnik. A x3 course meal with a bottle wine for x2 people, would on average cost around, or over 1000HRK/ £100.

Honourable mentions to go-

-The Taj Mahal restaurant. Surprisingly not an Indian restaurant, but actually focused on Bosnian cuisine. They have x2 venues in Dubrovnik, their first being in the centre of Old Town, and the second adding to Hotel Lero, and very close to Hotel Bellevue which we review in other posts.

-Restaurant Panorama, situated at the top of the Dubrovnik Cable car. It has the most spectacular views, and is ideal at sunset. Book ahead and request a table at the front.

Pic of Restaurant Kopun copyright @whimbiscuit 2015. Other pics courtesy Adriatic Luxury Hotels