Where to stay in Dubrovnik part-3 - Hotel Excelsior.

Upon entering Hotel Excelsior, many things become very apparent. The most significant of which, are that it is clearly in an optimum position in the city, walking distance to the Old Town, and overlooking some beautiful coastline. Plus that it is a very beautifully designed hotel, exuding 5* luxury. Since it's opening in 1913, it has been a landmark venue for Dubrovnik, welcoming VIP guests, including royalty, famous stars, and celebrities.

We arrived at midday, a few hours early for our 3pm check in, so we went for a light lunch on the hotel terraces, and they are certainly something to behold. Indeed, it was a very welcome rest and quite delightful area, especially as this was actually the first hotel we visited after we arrived in Dubrovnik. The views are spectacular and stunningly picturesque, and every other guest we happened to chat to, said exactly the same. With 158 rooms and suites, all recently refurbished, it is the ideal place to relax, feel spoilt, and even indulge in a few spa treats.

We should have perhaps taken our swimming stuff out of the case so we could enjoy the private beach while we waited for official check in, but we simply reclined under the parasols, and worked our way up to the lobby to wait. We were initially concerned that our luggage and many others were just sat at the front door, but we soon noticed a member of staff watching them. Indeed the staff were polite and considerate, but perhaps not as efficient as possible, as we, and a few other couples we noted who were also waiting around in the seating area a few feet from the desk, kept checking on the status on our rooms every twenty or so minutes, for roughly an hour after the original time stated. The women who eventually gave us a key, was pleasant however, and when we went to the suite, it totally made up for any delays.

Spacious, luxurious, and totally gorgeous, our executive suite was really very lovely. The balcony that stretched the whole length of both the bedroom and lounge was wonderful, and the amazing bathroom (1of2) was outstanding with its views from the tub. It is quite simply really well designed, and quite homely. Only a few times on holiday have we been so in awe of a suite that we wished to spend more time in it than exploring, but we really did have to leave, especially as the sea looked so magnificent.

The private beach is a platform that sits adjacent to the sea, with steps going into the warm waters. There are plenty of sun loungers, and every now and then a helpful waiter will pass and take drinks orders. We spend a good while there, and loved chatting with fellow guests, before we went and admired the spa, indoor pool, and browed the various restaurants. We opted to go the short distance to the Old Town that evening, and had a meal out, but due to the ideal location, it was very easy to find when we wandered back in the moonlight, past the popular neighbouring sand and pebble beach.

Breakfast was included in our stay, and we thought the spread provided was really impressive. Whilst it was self-service, there was an array of cooked and continental options, including champagne should you wish to indulge. The staff were lovely and really looked after the guests, getting teas and coffees, and wishing everyone well. All in all, the hotel is really just great. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and recommend staying there if you feel like a special vacation, or city break.

Reservations can be made through their website here.

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