Percy Nobleman's Beard Styling Bundle.

Coming from a long line of enthusiastic beard growers, and as a second generation Moroccan sunset (ginger) beard owner, I pride myself on my big bushy face cushion.
It’s a useful component to effective pondering, so I can beard-stroke my way through important quandaries in life, like ‘What truly is the best biscuit for dunking in a brew?’ Or, ‘How long has this bit of banana been stuck in here?’

Yet sadly, I have been cursed with a problem that many beard owners endure also. As after a long day of being all manly, chopping stuff, opening stiff jar lids, and rescuing damsels in distress, my beard can become dry, coarse, and just a tad knotted.

However that is where Percy Nobleman comes in!

I was lucky enough to try their amazing styling bundle, which includes a beard conditioning oil, gentleman’s styling wax, and a pair of beard and moustache scissors. This is a great kit to shape, style and help your beard go from a wiry birds nest, to a smooth, untangled, glorious lions mane!

The packaging is simple, yet modern, and the beard oil instructions are written in the form of a witty comic strip, which I thought was a really nice addition. The styling wax is in a compact, easy to carry tin, with their trademark bearded gent label. Plus completing the set, is a pair of comfortable to hold scissors, with the brand-name imprinted along the side.

I have had issues with styling waxes in the past, opting for more of a softer cream hair product. However, Percy’s styling wax is superb. You only need to use a small amount, and once warmed up it is works through your hair smoothly and without sticking.

The beard oil is to be used daily on a clean beard (note Percy Nobleman also sell beard wash), it is advised that you start with a small amount and add more as you feel comfortable. I have worked up from a couple of drops, to a fair amount now, and it’s not a greasy oil whatsoever. The texture is great, the smell is lovely (almost like an essential oil aftershave), and once used, my beard instantly untangles, feels fuller, and is easy to comb and style. Certainly, the lads at work now think I’m a tad odd for constantly telling them to feel how luxurious it is.

For the price of £30, this bundle is a perfect gift for any man with a beard great or small, as all in all, I am extremely impressed with this kit, because my beard has never looked and felt so refined.

Check out Percy Nobleman’s styling bundle and more here.
Pic courtesy of Percy Nobleman.