A cooking marvel with QuadraPan

Words cannot describe how excited I was by the prospect of this pan. For if there is a dish that I, Mr Biscuit, like more than anything, it's a decent, good quality English brekkie. Plus if theres anything I like more than that, is either having the food cooked for me, or to have minimal clean up. 
In comes the Quadra Pan.

With it's x4 specially designed cooking zones, you've got a griddle pan for meat or veg, a fish area with raised bumps to eliminate sticking, a part for the perfect fried egg, and a flat dish for general use.
It also comes with a complementary tempered glass plated lid, allowing a more steamed approach, and to make it even more useful, it can be used on the stove or in the oven, and even with induction hobs.

Although quite large at 32x32cm, its made of die cast aluminium, with a copper ceramic coating, meaning you can cook away with no oil whatsover with no sticking. It is 100% PFOA and PTFE free, and is dishwasher safe to boot. Interchangeable handles not only offer ease when moving between appliances, but also keep storage options open. It is exclusively available from HighStreet TV here.

I marvelled at the sheer variety of food that can be cooked on this. Yes, it is a pan that means you can make an entire meal with a single dish, and yes it doubles up as a baking tray, but what it also means you can do is cook different things for different people easily.

Do you hear that Mrs Biscuit? Just because you like aubergine, doesn't mean I have to eat aubergine, I can have my cake and eat it next to your aubergines!

Oooh Cake....

*Pics courtesy of HighStreet TV.