Percy Nobleman and the incredibly manly morning routine.

With thanks to Percy Nobleman, I am now a man with a routine. 

Having previously reviewed their beard oil and styling wax, I now have the pleasure of trying out their beard/stubble wash, and face/stubble moisturiser, and quite simply they are great.

With the beard wash, a little goes a very long way, so the 75ml will last you a relatively long time (less time when your wife can't find her cleanser and uses it when you're not looking). The smallest of amounts foams up and and washes your whole beard (which I have a lot of) and your face in one. It has a pleasant peppermint mixed with cucumber scent, so very refreshing, and it certainly helped to perk me up in the morning and get the day moving. 

Made with natural cleansers derived from coconut, this wash will leave your face and beard feeling soft, and smelling fantastic, and you then follow up this cleaning routine with the moisturiser. Now I can’t say I've ever used a lot of moisturiser, in fact I have never really used it no matter how much Mrs Biscuit has pestered me to. However, I am now a moisturiser convert. It is hydrating, sinks in quickly, leaves no residue, and non-greasy.

I think it’s great that it is 98% naturally derived, it contains Vitamin E, organic aloe and ginger root active, if I’m going to use something on my face daily, I want to know it’s made of the best ingredients possible. After using it for a few days, I noticed that some little white spots I’ve had where my glasses sit on my cheeks, had pretty much disappeared, and my skin felt a lot softer. Top this off with a hint of their beard oil, and you're good to go.

So if you want to smell great, have a lovely full, silky beard, and soft, clear skin, Percy Nobleman is the man to see. Check out their site here, and treat yourself, your husband, father, brother, uncle or son. You genuinely won’t be disappointed.