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Hi there biscuit-eer! 
Of course Team Whim Biscuit would love to hear from you- Just drop us a line at-

hello (at) whimbiscuit (dot) com.

We have lots of exciting opportunities for collaboration, from advertising space, to getting your product/venue/service reviewed.

More details are noted on our advertising page for sponsorship opportunities and sponsored post availability- but below are some FAQ's about our reviewing policies.

1) Feel free to contact us if you feel you have a product or venue you think would fit in to the Whim Biscuit culture, and you would like it to be reviewed. We love featuring things that are out of the ordinary, totally out-of-the-box, fabulously chic, or just really great value. All our reviews are based on our opinions only, and are honest reflections of it's quality or service. That's what we pride ourselves on noting.

These kind of things could be-

-Beauty and hair products for both men & women.
-Spa treatments at your venue.
-Hotel facilities (including holistic review of any spa or restaurants).
-Holiday packages.
-Entertainment venues (Theatres/cinemas etc).
-Interior decor (These might be products, or glimpses of exciting designs).
-Trinkets & gadgets.

2) It is at our discretion we feature a product/venue/service. We usually only review something we have experienced ourselves, but if you do send us anything/send us anywhere, we do reserve the right not to feature it if it doesn't fit in to the 'theme' of our content. We will usually let you know if this is so, but just remind us if our busy schedules have made us accidentally forget you. Unfortunately, this also means we don't have the time to send any products back.

3) Items sent/asked to be featured will have posts that end with 'gifted by/review offered by'  etc to ensure transparancy. Due to the numerous requests we get, alongside the content we simply wish to highlight anyway, it might take a while before an article to get posted.

4) Sponsored posts are available, but are limited per month, as are give-away opportunities. They will always be noted with a label. We still only write honest reflections despite sponsorship (only we ourselves will write them), and the chosen things to be featured will be carefully reviewed to note if it in tune with what we would normally review.

Thank you much-ly, and thanks for stopping by!

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